About Us

We are thrilled you are interested in our little venture and we would like to share with you our views and how "By Faith Farm" came to be.



I had a dream...one of those really vivid dreams that wake you up in the middle of the night. So vivid and real that I woke my husband..."I think we are supposed to buy land, grow food and give it away." ...he responded "Go back to sleep". OK, I thought...he's right. Crazy thought. That was 2007.

The dream kept coming back and getting more vivid. I saw the land and the trees. I saw water and I knew it was God sending me the dream. We relented and began looking for property, all the while thinking this would eventually go away. I told God, "You have the wrong person. We know nothing about farming. We will botch this job terribly." I could hear God say, "Yes, if it was just up to you, you would." So I prayed fervently that He would guide us and send us the people that would help us in this mission...and He has done that.

I never saw myself as a farmer or even a farm owner so throughout this adventure I have continued to test God by saying "are you sure??? If this is really what you want us to do then please show us we are on the right path."

I would need to write a book to tell you all the strange things that have happened which assured me we were on the right path. What I have learned from this adventure is that God speaks to all of us. If we ask what His will is before we do anything and we ask realizing he may respond with something absolutely crazy, difficult, out of character, which is nothing you think you would ever want to do but you say, “Yes, Lord,” and go down that path He will bless you with the resources to accomplish what He is asking of you.

I have faith that God will make something wonderful out of this farm and many will be blessed by it. I have a hunch that it will evolve into something much more than pretty gardens with some nutritious, organic food. Stay tuned to our blog for updates on the evolution of By Faith Farm.






~ We believe that if you ask for guidance, it will be provided and God has guided us to this farm at this time and all
    people involved are meant to be a part of this mission.

~ All of us have individual gifts and if we synergistically combine those gifts together we can create abundantly more.

~ "We are what we eat" and we can impact many lives by providing quality, organic food.

~ We believe in health responsibility, food justice and hunger relief.