Week 8 By Faith Farm CSA

Hello dear patrons!  This week we have a variety of new items to offer.  Luckily we still have some credit built up from our corn harvest to barter with a couple of our local farms.  We have mixed radishes; long red and white French Breakfast radishes, Round Red Cherriette radishes, and white Salad Turnips and greens  from Bells Bend Neighborhood farms out of Scotsboro, and potatoes from Long Hungry Creek Farm out of Red Boiling Spring.  From our farm we have tomatoes, sweet basil, zinnias, peppers, sweet potato greens (which you can cook like spinach), and pumpkins.
Transitioning into fall has been nice with the gradual rain and cool nights.  We have some arugula, mustard greens and bok choi coming on in the fields, and spinach, kale, turnips, and hopefully carrots and beets that we have just sowed.  We are looking forward to preparing our fields for winter with a nice blend of winter wheat and rye, red clover, and oats with a mix of lettuces for our winter cover crop.  Also, a reminder that our CSA will end on October 8th and 9th.  The end of our CSA will also be determined by the amount of food we are able to supply in these next couple of weeks.  Meaning, if we look a little slim in our boxes in the next couple of weeks, we may try to extend the CSA another week to make up for our short comings.  WIth no additional cost.  Look out for a survey in the next week regarding constructive questions, comments, and concerns about your CSA shares this season.  We will be sending out more info soon about next year’s season.  Our blessings to all on this first day of fall!  Thanks again!  peace and blessings, Will
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