What’s been happening at By Faith Farm???

The Farm Family: Ken Durocher, Jim Birckhead, Will Tarleton, Robert Guy, Lori Birckhead, Ebbe Martinez, Javier Martinez, Ebelyn and Yorleny



First,  Will Tarleton is now a tenant farmer at By Faith Farm. Will is going to have his own CSA and be offering a nice variety of produce. The name of his venture is Wiley’s Produce.  Will is looking forward to providing you with heaping half bushel baskets of delicious, organically grown produce. You can contact Will at WillHarvest@gmail.com to learn more about his CSA.

Robert Guy is our handy man/farmer. Robert has done everything on the farm from demolitioning kitchens, painting our beautiful new barn, hauling manure and building fences. Robert plans to grow sweet corn and potatoes and he will be working with our other tenant farmers  in a cooperative effort.

I am very pleased to announce that Javier and Ebbe Martinez and their two beautiful daughters are living in the stone house and they will be farming Charlene’s Garden which is directly behind the stone house. They will offer an assortment of fruits and vegetables. This first season they plan to take their crops to the farmer’s market and also offer a day for people to come to the farm to buy direct on a weekly basis. We will put information on this blog and on on our By Faith Farm FaceBook page to keep you all informed of the wonderful produce they will have to offer.

Part of the farm agreement with our tenant farmers is the lease payment in fresh produce so we will be able to continue our donations to help the local food banks.  Another food organization that we hope to do more with is The Master’s Table in Springfield. We will spotlight their good works in a blog this spring.

We have also been doing lot of fencing…which my husband found out is harder than it looks. We are preparing the south pastures to house our newest members of our farm family.  Sir Loin and his Harem should arrive this spring.  We will be offering grass fed beef in the near future. This is a joint venture with our neighbor Philip Trent. Phil and his wife Rhonda are the nicest people you will ever meet. Phil is a youth pastor and he grew up on a cattle farm. He used to work for Miss Charlene, the previous owner and grower of this beautiful farm. Phil introduced us to Ken Durocher. Ken has done a lot of everything on our farm including excavating, pond building, installation of new water lines and just a multitude of things. He has done so much and taught us so much I don’t know what we would have done without Ken. Robert calls him the Professor because he always has the answers.

Phil, our friend and cattle partner  says he is blessed to be working on a farm that he already knew and loved, but we know we are the ones being blessed by him.  So the farm continues to be a blessing to many. That’s my prayer and I will keep you informed as new blessings transpire.



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