Welcome Lina DiMeola, Seeds of Faith

By Faith Farm is very excited to have Lina DiMeola, a Native American herbalist with 13 years experience, living here on the Farm. Lina is a wealth of knowledge who is excited to share
what she has learned from her lifelong love for the healing herbs through hands-on fieldwork and home herbal pharmacy. She is owner and operator of Seeds of Faith, which offers many different herbal and botanical products to the public. Lina also offers personalized tours, wellness consultations and educational plant walks to help us embrace the nourishing abundance that plants have to offer. She teaches us that sometimes it is as simple as going outside your backdoor to learn what plant supporters grow on your own lawn. She supplies handmade herbal medicinals to support health and wellness. Here are some of the products she will have to offer this Spring made from organic and mostly local sources – many of which can be found right here on the Farm.

~ Elderberry Honey~ Seasonal immune booster

~Echinacea Immunity Support Tincture~ Another fantastic addition to nurturing the immune system for the upcoming year

~Healing All oil~ High priority healing oil for external use on bruising, sprains and inflammation

~Microbial Spray~ First aid priority spray used for funguses, rashes, bug bites, burns and contact dermatitis with plants like poison ivy, poison oak or sumac.)

~Diueretic Vinegar~ This vinegar is supportive for toning and adding essential minerals to root organs (kidneys,bladder and liver)

~Spring Tonic Tincture~ Is a powerful cleanser for detoxing heavy metal accumulates, toxins and toning all organs

Several more tinctures to come. Follow the blog for more information

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