Lina DiMeola

Lina is an herbalist and owner of Seeds of Faith, medicinal herbs. Whenever someone on the farm is ill we go to Lina and she always has a natural remedy to help.  Her dermatitis spray is amazing and knocks out poison ivy in no time.  Lina also raises mixed vegetables, fruits and herbs for sale and will offer personalized educational plant walks. Contact Lina at worldaura@yahoo.com




soniaGenyStacy and Sonia Geny

Stacy and Sonia are tenant farmers here at ByFaith Farm. They are passionate about growing high quality, GMO and chemical free produce. Stacy is a very experienced farmer and has taught us much here at the farm. He has made a huge difference in the productivity of our donation garden.  The name of Stacy’s business is Paradise Produce Farm. He has a CSA and also sells at several Farmer’s Markets. Contact Sonia and Stacy at their web-site:

Robert Guy

Robert Guy is a professional painter, general handyman, and skate instructor. Yes, roller skating is Robert’s passion. He often looks like he’s on skates  as he runs around this farm helping anyone who needs help. Robert has a heart of gold and always willing to help a friend in need.  We couldn’t do this farm with out him. For painting (or skate instruction) Contact Robert at (443)523-2333

sirLoinPhillip Trent

Phillip Trent is a full time youth pastor and part time cattle and hay farmer. Phillip is a great neighbor, friend to all on the farm and also raises cattle here at ByFaith Farm. Phillip offers grass fed beef as well as cut hay for sale. Pictured here is his bull, Sir Loin. Contact Phillip at phttrade2@aol.com


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